Privacy Policy

We attach great importance to the privacy of our users and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of their personal information. The following privacy policy is intended to explain how we collect and use the personal information you obtain through our site and to ensure that it is used appropriately and in accordance with legitimate standards. Please read our policy carefully to understand how we collect and use this information and what your rights are as a user.

We may update this Privacy Notice at a later time, so you should visit this page from time to time to view all updates to confirm that you accept the changes.

who are we
Plaza Metal Industries Company Our website is We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of brass and stainless steel products, such as mixers, angle valves, kitchen solutions and other products.

They are small program files that run on your browser when you browse our website. We use them to distinguish you from others, display content that is appropriate for your country or language, and improve your experience using our site.

Data processing
Your data is processed when you contact us or request a product or service and we work on it so that we can provide you with a distinguished support service in the future and improve the level of our services

User data protection
Plaza uses advanced security technologies whose primary goal is to protect our users’ information, and we use encrypted communication technologies to keep information confidential.
Plaza Company does not share your data or information in any advertising campaigns, and we do not sell it to any third party. Your data is fully secured.

Users rights
Users have the right to exercise all rights relating to their personal data and to request modification, transfer or deletion in accordance with the data protection law
If a case of violation of users’ rights is detected, Plaza will inform the user immediately, and users also have the right to report any case of violation under international data protection law to the email info@plazametals. com

Call us
Our contact numbers and correspondence form are displayed on the Contact Us page

The effective date is 06/19/2023