The company’s policy for quality, safety and the environment

Plaza Company for Metal Industries aims to be committed to providing and meeting the requirements of its customers in accordance with legislative and legal requirements and international specifications.

ISO 45001:2018
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015

The company is also committed to pursuing the continuous development and improvement of the effectiveness of the quality, safety, occupational health and environment system through:
1 – Achieving complete customer satisfaction and meeting their current and future requirements
2 – Determining goals and objectives at all levels and reviewing, updating and constantly developing them
3 – Believing in the importance of teamwork, providing a supportive, healthy and motivating work environment, and working to raise the efficiency of its employees to reach a product of international quality.
4 – Work on the principle of avoiding all accidents and managing safety
5 – Informing all workers, customers, contractors and visitors of the environmental risks and impacts they may be exposed to, and educating them on the measures that must be taken to reduce risks and continuous improvement of quality, occupational and environmental health and safety. System.
6 – Issuing and applying special emergency procedures and maintaining them to reduce the damage resulting from accidents that may occur nonetheless. And work with the authorities and emergency departments to implement and develop these procedures in an appropriate manner
7 – Preserving the surrounding environment and preventing pollution while rationalizing the use of resources through environmental programmes, goals and targets that are constantly reviewed.